Other Cool Links

This is a page where I plug websites I enjoy and/or think are useful,
partially for myself but also just to show them off to anyone visiting my site

Forever a WIP, because the internet is huge and constantly growing


Bad Time Simulator - Web-powered remake of the Sans fight in Undertale

Hunger Games Simulator - Self-explanatory, but also extensively customizable

Jstris - Like Tetris, but cooler

Redactle - Like Wordle, but with Wikipedia

Google Solitaire - It's Solitaire, but on Google

Shell Shockers - Fun shoot-em-up IO game but with eggs

Shows / Movies

Adult Swim - Watch Adult Swim shows for free!

Documentary Heaven - Thousands of free documentaries

Homestar Runner - How tf do I explain Homestar Runner?

Public Domain Movies - Feature films and more in the public domain

Zagreb Film - Playlist with short eastern-European animated films


aphextwin.nu - Ancient but great Aphex Twin fansite

Brennen C. Rigley - Site for my friend Charlie's music

Chloe Jackson-Reynolds - Bandcamp for my friend Chloe's music

Death Grips - Are you noided enough?

Incompetech - Database for Kevin Macleod's royalty-free music, which you've probably heard before

ProgArchives - Most conscise resource for progressive rock on the internet

Random Album - Get a random album from RateYourMusic's database

The Residents - (FLASH WARNING) Website of the world-famous art and music collective

Topsters 3 - Alternative to Topsters 2 not just for music, but for movies, TV, games, and books

Wolf's Kompaktkiste - Physical music / album cover archive

World of Magma - Explanation of the lore found in progressive rock band Magma's music

Zappateers - Torrent-based collection of hundreds of bootlegged Frank Zappa concerts

Neat Software

FFMpeg - Convert, render, process video files easily

Krita - Professional, free, and open-source digital painting software with a ton of features

Visual Studio Pro - Powerful code editor and what made this site

WinDirStat - Disk usage analyzer for Windows; useful for cleaning up your hard drive

Yt-dlp - Download youtube videos from the command line

7zip - Free file archiver with a high compression ratio

Other Cool Sites

Best of Craigslist - Weird and intereresting collection of Craigslist listings

Corn dog on corn dog - Just what it says on the tin

DistroWatch - Site filled with a large selection of Linux distros

Flight Radar 24 - Real-time flight tracker for planes all over the world

Free Media Heck Yeah - Self-explanatory

Gonzo.org - Old but extensive fansite for Hunter S. Thompson

Inch Ruler - A ruler, but on your computer

Library Genesis - Huge virtual library including high school / college textbooks

The Onion - America's finest news service

Public APIs - Huge GitHub repository of free-to-use APIs

Public Domain Files - Public domain photographs, clipart, video and more

Random Wikipedia good article - Get a random good article from Wikipedia

SQL practice - Interactive SQL practice site with an example medical database

Textfaces - Copy-and-paste kaomoji

Un Mario Wiki - Fascinating parody mario wikia

W3Schools - Handbook-type site for web developent and beyond

XKCD - Webcomic about math, language and other good stuff

12 Foot Ladder - Bypasses paywalls on most news site

8 MB video - Video and image compressor for bypassing Discord's 8 MB filesize limit

:3gender - A xenogender I made when I was bored

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